I’m a starter and I’m buying a bike now so i need to know what to get. I’m planning to do some small jumps of benches probably no higher and then just some 360′s 180′s after i learn them. So what bike should i get for this because i always hear BMX is for dirt riding while I am going to do this on asphalt.

Technically, bmx is referring to dirt track racing, and there is a LOT of difference between those bikes and ones meant for freestyle (park or street) riding. The track bikes are light weight and meant for speed and agility….not bombproof durability for jumps and abuse.

So that’s just "technically" speaking…..pretty much everyone just calls bmx "bmx" and most of them mean park/street riding. There are also "flatland" bikes which are special bmx bikes for ground tricks….dancing with your bike. You can do flatland on almost any bike, but they do make special setups for it if you really are into it.

95% of the "BMX" bikes sold will be right for what you want to do. My advice would be to start with a lower price entry-level bike to see how much you like it…..then look for a better bike when you’re ready, or when you start to break or wear out parts. You can get into a decent park bike for $200 to $300 easy. If you go too much cheaper than that, it’ll weigh a lot and won’t have very durable wheels on it, and you definitely need strong wheels for the aerials.

Hope this helps. Check out your bike shops and take a look on www.danscomp.com to see what all is out there. Have fun! :o )